Feeling Blessed and Thankful

Every day, I feel like a Druid Priestess talking about the old ways. We indeed had a different world.

My old way of sleeping was waking before dawn and resting at sunset. Now, I’m still awake at midnight and sleep late into the morning.

The old way was displaying my things at the studio. Now, everything is in a drawer. I love my sleeker esthetic.

I loved the old way of chatting at the table, but now our consultations are on the phone before you come in for treatment. We discuss home care, your concerns, and set goals. At the studio, before we begin your session, we’ll still have a brief in-person consultation. It’s the same thing, only a reset.

The old way to arrive was just to come in. I watched for your arrival, so I could open the door and welcome you. Now you’ll call/text after you park in the lot. When I get that message, I’ll put on my mask and greet you on the porch. It’s another Reset. But I’ll still be watching for you.

The old way was to pay with cash or check. Now, I also accept all major credit cards.

Because I’ve been reminiscing about the old ways, I’m bringing some of my treatments out of retirement. The recent launch is BROW POWER Happy Hour at 5. That’s when I wax, tint, and transform brows as a solo service. Facial reservations are every day at 11 and 2.

Please wear your face mask upon entering the building. I wear my mask the whole time; yours isn’t on during the facial but is during solo brow services.

My building at 1312 S Fort Thomas Avenue has five other businesses, but no one keeps regular hours. It’s unlikely that you’ll see anyone else there. But occasionally, you might see someone enter or leave the building.

My website is getting a reset, too—more info coming your way in the next few weeks.

Enjoy your holidays, wear your mask, and reapply your sunscreen throughout the day!

Love, Tami