Exciting news … the website is getting a new look! It’ll take a few weeks to rebuild and rebrand Studio Root’s internet presence, but the result is going to be amazing.

Do you want to know the best part of the reboot … there’s a skincare blog. So, if you have any questions, go ahead and ask. I love to talk skincare.

Reservations for The Gorgeous Appointment are available every day at 9:00 and 11:00.

Are you new to Studio Root Skin Care and are you wondering what The Gorgeous Appointment is? It’s a $150 ninety-minute session featuring steam, stone cleansing, pineapple & papaya enzyme peel, the resurfacing wand, dermaplaning, a treatment mask, and brow shaping to frame your face.

Your skin will glow. It’s amazing to watch the transformation. So amazing that I quit doing any other services except this particular combination of facial/dermaplane/brow shaping.

Do you want to see TGA in action? Check out my Facebook post. If you want some seriously smooth skin, if you want your makeup to glide on better, if you want your dry skin to magically melt away, you will love this gentle exfoliation.

My goal is to never make your skin red or angry. With that said, if your skin gets grumpy in heat, or back talks when you wear costume jewelry, this might not be the treatment for you. I do have clients with sensitive skin that is itchy for a few days afterward. They say it’s worth it.

I never recommend getting this treatment for the first time right before a big event or vacation — especially if you are prone to skin reactions. Some surprises aren’t good ones.

Your time at my studio is private. There are no distractions, no receptionists, no other clients. Just you, cocooned on my heated treatment bed, with me concentrating on your face.  I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way.

1312 South Fort Thomas Ave

Fort Thomas KY 41075