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Welcome to Studio Root Skin Care

Facials and Dermaplaning create radiant skin and a smooth complexion. The Studio Root Skin Care experience improves tone, texture, and styles your brows into a customized shape that frames your face.

Revitalize your face with a studio visit. Rest. Recharge. Rejuvenate.

Each facial is customized from dozens of treatment options that repair skin. Studio Root Skin Care is a completely private retreat that’s so relaxing you may fall asleep. Napping is restorative — and recommended. Your face will be refined and respected.

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About Tami Root

With over three decades of professional skin care experience, I understand struggles, problems, and goals. My own teenage skin issues led me to a life-long passion for learning about how the skin works.

How we feel about ourselves includes how we feel about our skin. Results come from what you use and how you use it. Improvements rarely happen without a change of routine.

I love helping clients build or improve-on a solid cleansing routine. Treatments can transform your skin, but it’s your daily investment that yields greater rewards.

Many blessings are in my cool studio where I do what I love. I invite you to share them with me.

What to Expect

Consultation begins at the table in the front room. We’ll start your chart by asking a few questions about your skin care goals and the products that you use at home.

As we talk, I watch your face, how it moves, the overall tone/texture, and your brows.

Then in the treatment room, you’ll either have a customized facial or a dermaplane. Each take 60 minutes, or combine them for a 90 minute visit.

Hours are by appointment only and available Monday-Saturday in the morning and afternoon.

Please pay with cash or check. Treatments are $100 an hour.

Health issues can affect your skin. If you are under a physician’s care, please consult them for treatment contraindications

Refrain from using any topical product that encourages cellular turnover/brightening, or other medications on the skin one week before/after a treatment. Contact me if you have any questions.


Imagine your dream face…
here’s the treatment journey…

  • tweezes stray hair
  • waxes thicker hair
  • shaves fine hair
  • trims longer hair

  • creates smooth skin
  • minimizes dry skin
  • removes facial hair
  • diminishes fine lines

  • flushes with ultrasonic
  • purifies with current
  • clears pores
  • brushes away debris

  • peels away surface cells
  • polishes skin smooth
  • drains lymphatic system

  • promotes relaxation
  • reduces stress
  • releases tension

  • restores elasticity
  • revitalizes tissue
  • improves texture/tone