What do you do after your appointment?

The first three or four days

For 3-4 days after TGA (The Gorgeous Appointment), your skin will be in regeneration mode. Use a gentle cleanser and don’t exfoliate the skin. Vitamin Wash is a non-foaming cleanser that has encapsulated Vitamin E (to heal and condition) and Angelica Root (to constrict pore size). A blueberry-size drop is all you need.

Remove the cleanser with PVA Sponges. Rinse and repeat several times. Keep wetting your hand and apply the water until you only feel the water on your face, not the cleanser.

Layer the Jojoba Oil under your moisturizer. Jojoba Oil is similar to the skin’s natural oil.

Using sunscreen is essential every day of the year, but especially after TGA. Please read the usage label on your sunscreen. It probably recommends reapplying every 80 minutes.

If you aren’t reapplying, it’s not as effective. Protecting your skin from the sun is the #1 anti-aging treatment. I love applications of a physical sunscreen (zinc oxide).


*A Note On Cleansers

Cleansers should not be of the foaming variety. A cream cleanser or low foaming cleanser is best. Foaming cleansers aren’t Gorgeous because they strip your skin. If your cleanser leaves your face feeling tight, tight does not equal clean.

Days five through seven and beyond

During TGA and my evening home care ritual, I use lightly textured stones to exfoliate the skin. Around day five post-TGA, you should use them too.

Somewhere between 5-7 days after your appointment, it would help if you used the Camphor Pore Minimizing Mask. It helps keep pores clear and softens the skin. It also pulls dry skin flakes away.

After the Camphor Mask, I like to cleanse with Vitamin Wash. Vitamin Wash is your shaving lubricant. A blueberry size drop is all you need. When moving from area to area, just put a few taps of water on your skin to re-wet the cleanser. It’s easy to concentrate shaving on your forehead, moving down to each cheek, then the lip, then the chin, then the neck.

For moisture, after I shave, I do not dry my face. I put a few drops of Jojoba Oil onto my hand, emulsify it, press it onto the damp skin, and lightly massage it in with my whole hands following the lymphatic pathway. Apply a thin layer of Recovery Cream on top of the oil. I’m not particularly eager to use moisturizers without first applying Jojoba Oil.

If my skin is feeling dehydrated (sometimes I don’t drink enough water and rely too heavily on caffeine), I will apply Skin Recovery Cream on top of the Jojoba Oil. Skin Recovery Cream is a lightweight moisturizer. 

After sun exposure (or if it’s winter and there is no humidity), I use Herbal Nova Cream on top of the Skin Recovery Cream. Herbal Nova Cream is a heavy moisturizer with botanicals. If you have dehydrated or dry skin, it can be applied like a mask and left on overnight.

So now we are a week out of your appointment. I like to keep a steady routine. On Wednesdays, I use Camphor Mask; on Sunday, I do a peel. I have a Fruit Enzyme Peel that also has Salicylic Acid in it. That way, you have both your AHAs and BHAs covered. On Sunday, that’s when I get a new razor out and do a thorough shave. During the week, I touch up spots here and there. I shave something every day.

Daily shaving means you never need it. If you let an area grow back in, it’s harder to shave it than if you don’t ever let the hair get long enough to give the razor any backtalk.

*A Note On Shaving

Different people have different levels of interest in shaving their own faces. It has totally changed my skin tone for the better. I like my skin better in my 50s than I have during any other decade of my life. I attribute that 100% to shaving. And after I get your skin so smooth during TGA, it’s a shame to not keep it up. I won’t steer you wrong, or ask you to do anything that I don’t do myself.