Sandy says,
Tami is meticulous about everything.  Ive never found an esthetician that covers as much area — and Ive had a lot of facials.  Her hands glide over my face and the music is so relaxing.  Shes truly the best.  Im treating my daughters to The Gorgeous Appointment too.  Its worth every penny.”
Becky says,
Tami cares more about my face than I do.”
Candis says,
“The owner of Studio Root has a passion for skin care. Unlike other places I have gone, Tami knows about the challenges of different skin and tailors her skin care routine to the individual. She takes time to educate me a little more each time about better ways to care for my face between appointments. I know I look younger than my age and feel that Tami’s treatments are part of the reason why.”
Janice says,
Studio Root is a very reliable welcoming professional atmosphere. You won’t be sorry you booked for any/all your skin care needs! Tami is an extremely knowledgeable professional on everything skin related! She provides an amazing atmosphere with abundant services to pamper your skin, treat current issues or prevent future problems.
Judith says,
“I have been going to Tami for my monthly skin treatments for over 2 years now. Her salon is clean, very soothing and welcoming. There is only one client in the area at a time so your experience is custom and very quiet and almost meditative. My face always feels soft and supple. It is always brighter after a treatment as well.”
Jane says,
“Tami is an amazing soul. My appointment was incredible! She taught me so much about my skin and she used simple products. It was a perfect day! Thank you Tami”
Vonda says,

“Studio Root is the best, full circle experience one can treat themselves to and how lucky are we to have them in our area?? Wow! Tami is one of the most soothing souls I have met and her knowledge is phenomenal! The treatments available, the ambience of the salon and the price – is unmatched!”

Jacqui says,

“Tami has emBROWered me like no other. She’s skilled, personable and so eager to help people put their best face — their true face — forward. So glad I learned through our local town blog.”

Deneen says,

“I love Dermaplaning!!! Tami takes so much time to care about your skin. I go once a month so Tami can keep my skin glowing…I want everyone to go and have glowing skin by Tami!!!”

Janean says,

“I just drove by your place and smiled because I’m so glad to know you!  You are such a light and share your gifts so freely 🙂 have a great day friend!”