Some days I come into work and I hear that you had to put your pet down. Some days I hear that you discovered your daughter is an addict. Some days I hear that you found out your husband is cheating on you. Some days I hear that your mother is dying of cancer — or that you just got diagnosed yourself. Some days I talk with you about your baby in heaven. I cry with you, and I am always thankful to be there for you. I am always on your side.

Other days I come into work and hear that you just got engaged. Other days I hear that you are taking the vacation that you’ve always dreamed about. Other days I hear that the adoption is finally going through and that you’re going to be a mom. Other days I hear that you finally got approved to buy a house and that you can’t wait to move in. I celebrate with you. I am overjoyed to be part of your life.

The one thing I’ve never done is go to work and just do a facial. I am more than just an esthetician. I am a skincare mom — your skincare mom. I coach you, I celebrate you, and I cherish you.

Recently I went to a fancy spa. I was just a 4:00 appointment. The massage therapist didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, there was no extra anything, and she quite often leaned her body on mine while performing her moves. It was awkward.

I use to do body treatments. I know that it takes a few extra seconds of mindfulness to get into the service and not just perform it but become it. While massages are relaxing, it isn’t something that I particularly want to do again with that person. I couldn’t help but anticipate what I would do next as the provider — and they were all things that indeed she didn’t do. I was just a number. It was just a spa. I was just a 4:00 appointment.

At my studio, I go all in. I am there for you in ways that I may not even be aware of.  

Do I take services off the menu — yes I do. Regularly. If I didn’t I would still be doing manicures and nothing else. Do I do manicures any more? No. As a service provider, I always level-up. That’s how I challenge myself. I have put my 10,000 hours in many services. 

Sometimes, I rethink whether a service is good for you. Waxing is very common in the beauty industry, but I no longer offer it because I don’t believe it’s good for your skin.  And just like any mom, sometimes I must say no. Technology and information evolves. I have been in the beauty industry since the mid-80s. That’s a long time. I’ve gotten good at many services — and I have let go of many of the same services.

The one thing that has stayed the same is my commitment to offering you the best of what I am. I am an esthetician — and I love it.