Where are all the appointments on the schedule?  Why is it the just The Gorgeous Appointment?

In a word, Dermaplaning.  When I first opened my beloved skin care studio in 2014, I didn’t even really know what dermaplaning was.  I just took my facial room equipment out of storage from when I had a mani/pedi salon (Studio Root, 830 N. Fort Thomas Avenue 2007-2012) that also did facials and waxing.

I super missed my studio, but I closed it because of repetitive use injuries from doing manicures and pedicures for many hours every day.  I took some time off to recover. I couldn’t even lift a gallon of milk with one hand. But I healed.

I took a job the summer of 2014 at The Benefit Brow Bar at Ulta.  Loved working there. Too long of days though on a concrete floor. Working a Corporate Gig wasn’t what I was use to any way, so I quit after two months and opened Studio Root Skin Care at 9 Highland Avenue that fall.

At first I did everything at my studio that my license let me:  body treatments, body waxing, facial waxing, facials. But I didn’t like how the waxing left the skin.  Wax is good at removing hair, but I think it’s damaging to the skin. It makes the skin angry. I especially didn’t like what it was doing to my 50 year-old skin in the spot that I usually test the wax before I apply to my client.  

And there are many contraindications to having wax applied to your skin.  Can’t be put on skin that is taking Accutane, some migraine medications, Retinol (among many other things).  Can’t have had anesthesia within six months. Can’t have thin skin. The consultation took longer than the actual service sometimes.

But I was fresh off of intensive brow education and was pumped to make Fort Thomas an even more beautiful place, one brow at a time.

While I liked shaping the brows with wax, I didn’t like doing a Full Face Wax on anyone.  Wow that was brutal. I think of it as the dark times.

So there was still the issue of facial hair and how to remove it.  That’s when I was talking to my esti friend Neva, and she invited me over to her salon for a Dermaplane.  Wow. Then I got one every month for awhile. Then I let my hair grow back in for a while. It didn’t grow back any different.  But I noticed that my skin looked brighter and less congested when I was getting regular Dermaplaning appointments.

Long story short, I went to the Thrive Institute in Chicago and got my certification.  We learned how to use the scalpel on our knees. Then we took turns and had to do it on each other.  

When I first started offering Dermaplaning, it was a very different level of service from what it is today.  I didn’t do around the brows, on the nose, neck, or earlobes. I followed my educators instructions for months — Glycolic Cleanser and Alcohol as a prep.  But all it seemed to do was create an endless pile of dry skin and not remove the hair very closely.

So again I went to Neva with my problem.  She introduced me to chemical peels. Peels are an advanced clipping agent that makes dermaplaning easier.  I was so afraid to do all of that together. But over time I ordered different types of peels to see what I liked and what was super effective on skin.

So I started slipping them into facials and dermaplanes.  I still scheduled those separately, but what I noticed was people requested them together a lot.  So I got good at combining them.

Then I started noticing how doing just a dermaplane without a facial wasn’t as nice of a result as when I used a peel, steam, steam cloths, various cleansers, masks, and oils.  And doing just a facial with out the dermaplane did not give the same glow to the skin.

So when I decided to combine them, and not schedule them separately, I removed the brow shaping as an individual service as well.

Especially because I don’t wax brows anymore.  Just tweeze and a brow grooming razor. Dermaplaning has just changed everything about how I work on the face — even the brow.

Individual brow appointments are too much volume for me to handle.  There is only one of me and many of you. When I first opened my studio I ran back and forth to accommodate everyone that I possibly could.  Then it just got to be too much. It’s hard saying No when you call me for an appointment.

Availability is structured – 9, 11, 1, 3, 5 – on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.  New Vibe, New Location, New Me.

Introducing The Gorgeous Appointment.

It’s everything all wrapped up into one visit.

Think of it as a date with your face.

This is what it is Spring 2019:

You change into a robe so I can have access to your collar bone area without getting your shirt wet.  I wrap your hair in a towel and try to protect it from the steam that’s coming, but honestly it gets very mashed down.  The steam is in your face for a while. Mascara is not going to make it through the treatment. If you wear false lashes, this may not be appropriate for their longevity.  Check with your technician before scheduling.

Steam gathers on the individual facial hairs and illuminates them — letting me see how they cluster and the direction of their growth.  Steam Cloths softens pore-debris and helps dislodge any residue that is encircling the base of the hair, right at the pore opening.

First I use a sensitive-skin formula baby wipe and coconut oil to completely remove your make-up if you have a lot on.  Then Arnica Facial Wash is applied and massaged in with two small cool tiger stones. PVA Facial Sponges are then used to remove the product and freshen the skin.

Then a cleansing oil and warm stones relax your facial muscles, gently exfoliates, and lifts the hair from the skin.  

If you are an advanced skin care client, you can upgrade from the Cleansing Oil and Stone Massage step to the Pumpkin Exfoliating Mask, Papaya Enzyme Peel, Grape Wine Cocktail, or 20% Glycolic Acid.  Certain restrictions apply. Peels are advanced clipping agents that weaken the bond between skin cells. This treatment upgrade is not for all skin types.

Then I use the Vitamin Wash and the Dermabrador Wand.  There are three different attachments to the Kinetic Dermabrasion Wand — and each has a different feel and purpose.  Kinetic Dermabrasion is totally different from Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion shoots out a sand-like material through a tiny opening and then ricochets off the skin and is sucked back up inside a vacuum tube for removal.

Kinetic Dermabrasion glides gently over the skin with a one-inch rotating head that feels like dozens of fingertips giving you a massage.  I have the ability to increase the rpm’s of the wand by 9x’s. That kind of speed happens over time if that is what makes your face happy. Most people love it.  There may be a few faces that has skin that would not like to come into that kind of rotation. In that case, I’ll give you a manual lymphatic drainage massage.

The Dermabrador super-duper pumps the lymphatic system.  It aid in eliminating toxins and pushing all your fluid around thousands of times faster than I can with my hands.  I even take it lightly over the lips to produce a nice bloom. If you have vascular, circulatory, or really any system that is being monitored by a physician, you should consult with them before scheduling this facial.  Just in case it’s too much. Even taking an aspirin a day or a blood thinner may not be a good thing. Also, if you are prone to cold sores, let me know and I will stay away from your lips. If you have injectables or fillers, please consult prior to scheduling your appointment.  I don’t want to move anything around.

Now it’s time to Dermaplane.  The blade glides very easily over your skin.  I work in tiny one-inch sections. Dermaplaning is for fine vellus hair.  If you have a whisker or two, I will gently tweeze in the direction of its growth.  You will feel the regrowth of thicker in the next day or two after dermaplaning.

If you do have a whisker or two, they should be tweezed out gently, in the direction they grow, at the same angle the hair grows. Wildly grabbing and yanking may lead to an angry follicle which will then erupt and bam — a blemish and chin hairs.  How is that fair?

I recently turned 53, and now I have this super weird white hair that grows near the corner of my lip, right by by smile wrinkle.  It wouldn’t tweeze like a normal hair. I couldn’t leave it alone until I got it. I’ve seen these kinds of wounds on other women, but it’s my first time experiencing it.  Definitely something I would not have had first hand experience with before, but now that I’ve performed surgery on myself, I know how to take care of them better when I run across them.  They are the kind that are so deeply rooted they seem to tug back. Crazy strange phenomena.

The Dermaplane removes dry skin and hair.  Not all skin should have this treatment. If you have Rosacea, Psoriasis, Thin-Skin, are prone to cystic outbreaks, have a lot of moles or skin tags, it may not be a good match for you.

But skin that does love a nice thorough dermaplaning will love this.  It diminishes the look of wrinkles and pores. By shaving the hair, you eliminate its shadow.  The shadow cast inside the wrinkle or pore makes it appear deeper. Shaving reveals the true radiance of your skin.  

(Shaving at home in between appointments makes it look even more gorgeous.  Watch my live Facebook Videos on Monday nights at 7. It’ll just be me, washing and shaving my face.  Do it along with me. It’s easy. Prolly not so much for you at first, but you will eventually get mad skills.  It’s transformative.) I’ll start out super basic, and we’ll build slowly into some more intricate moves.

Then we perfect the brow area, I tweeze here and there all throughout the service.  Brutal I know, but I want to give you the best shape for you.  That takes time. But over several appointments, I can make them look soooo simmmilar.  Usually one is a Stallion and the other one is a Lama.

Regardless, I will brush, trim, and shape them and give you the perfect brow for your face.

And after all that, I apply a soothing Aloe Mask.  Followed with Rosewater Toner, Jojoba oil, Skin Recovery Cream, and Zinc-Oxide Sunscreen. and if we have enough time, a Brow Wow.

As you are getting dressed, I will be entering notes into your chart about what treatment program you’ll be on and what commitment you made for home-care.  

When you’re ready, we can settle your bill, rebook your appointment if you don’t already have a standing, and then you’re on your merry way.  

You’ll be entering and updating information when you schedule online. There will be policies to read, questions to answer that will help me take care of your skin.  If you prefer me to schedule for you, I can do that as well. I will read your the information over the form and I will fill out your account. Vagaro is very easy to use.  I do forget to hit save sometimes though. That never ends well.

If you want to order product, you can schedule that in-advance online when you make your appointment and pick-up in-salon during your visit.  Or it can be delivered to you (standard shipping rates apply). Product distribution has moved to my home office – my new space is limited.