Who is The Gorgeous Appointment For?

Few women aren’t ideal matches for TGA. If you blush, if you turn red from exercising and stay red for a while afterward, if costume jewelry irritates your skin, if normal washing upsets your face, if you are sensitive to heat, you may experience skin irritation for 24-72 hours after your appointment. This irritation may be in the form of redness or itchy skin. Some of my more sensitive clients want it anyway and are willing to have some recovery time. Most people have no downtime at all. No skincare treatment is a one size fits all. TGA is one size fits most. You’ll have to experience it to see if you’re a good fit. It’s never a good time to get any skincare treatment for the first time within a week of an important event.

Women with normal to dry skin benefit more from this type of exfoliation and hair removal. If you have oily skin, especially if you are prone to cystic breakouts, it may be better to leave your hair in place. Oil flows up the hair shaft to disperse. If you cut the hair, the oil could build up in the follicle and turn into inflammation.

Most of us have combination skin. Having some skin disorders is common — a few breakouts, some clogged pores on your nose or chin. If you have them every day and have for a long time, that’s when you should treat your skin a bit differently. Chemical exfoliation is still a good idea for all skin types, but better to avoid treatments that super rub on its surface — like scrubs or shaving. Salicylic Acid works deeper into the pore to help soften the oil that causes the clog. You might want to schedule a Gorgeous Coaching Session to get your skin in shape before reserving TGA. Coaching Sessions go in-depth about how you take care of your skin and ways that you can improve on your cleansing technique.

Who is not a good fit for The Gorgeous Appointment?

Skin that isn’t a good fit for TGA generally has a lot of congestion, blackheads, milia, and clogged pores. While TGA can relieve some of these conditions, if you have an abundance, your skin might get angry at you for disturbing it.