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I'm Tami Root. I transform skin into a smoother, more even tone through a gorgeous combination of stone massage, fruit enzymes, shaving, brow shaping, and dermaplaning.


This $150 ninety-minute reservation is available every day in the morning or afternoon.


Skincare Options

Take your face on a date. Like with any good relationship, you must work on it every day. Have special mask moments throughout the week in addition to your daily cleansing rituals. My in-studio treatments transform your skin, but it's your daily investments that yield greater rewards.


I love to find out where you are in your home care routine and offer suggestions for improvements. Minor tweaks along the way create significant changes over time.

The trial size products are like a first date. The travel size is when you're talking/going steady. The large size is when you want to marry it.

My Story

With over three decades of professional skincare experience, I understand struggles, problems, and goals.


My teenage skin issues led me to a life-long passion for learning about how the skin works.

How we feel about ourselves includes how we feel about our skin.

Results come from what you use and how you use it.  

Improvements rarely happen without a change of routine.



If you want to read more about me and my skincare journey, I have a blog that you can visit.



Toning your complexion and smoothing the skin's surface enables better product penetration and enhances any cosmetic application.


My Dermaplaning Facial provides gentle exfoliation for your skin and detailed removal of its hair.


This particular combination of exfoliation, gentle hair removal, and protection therapies creates radiant skin with long term anti-aging benefits.  


Many of the products used during your treatment are available for purchase so you can recreate the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing experience at home. You ask a lot of your skin. Are you doing your part?


When you create a ritual out of cleansing, in the same way, every night, you become efficient. When you have multiple layers of sunscreen and makeup, you need to thoroughly cleanse each evening to soften the debris in the pore. Love the skin you're in and take charge of its care today.


You can either reserve online or call 859-441-6500


I have been a client of Tami's for years. Prior to finding Tami, I went to a few different salons for facials and ALL of the women were very critical when looking at my skin, telling me everything I was doing was wrong and I needed to do this or that (which would cost me thousands of dollars). Tami is the opposite. She does what she feels your skin needs and she makes recommendations. All of her recommendations are economical and you will not have to cut off an arm to afford them. Tami's Salon is comforting and she treats you like her best friend. You are missing out if you do not go see her.

Sherry Seger

I have been going to Tami for my monthly skin treatments for over 2 years now. Her salon is clean, very soothing and welcoming. There is only one client in the area at a time so your experience is custom and very quiet and almost meditative. My face always feels soft and supple. It is always brighter after a treatment as well.

Judy Buten

The owner of Studio Root has a passion for skin care. Unlike other places I have gone, Tami knows about the challenges of different skin and taylors her skin care routine to the individual. She takes time to educate me a little more each time about better ways to care for my face between appointments. I know I look younger than my age and feel that Tami's treatments are part of the reason why.

Candis Rae


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