Brow Facial - $50

I shape your brows to frame your eyes and compliment your bone structure. Each errant hair is meticulously tweezed and trimmed, leaving a natural, easy to maintain shape.


I use brow shaping tools to gently remove the soft facial hair surrounding the brow, shaving up toward your hairline and around your upper lid.


Because shaving creates negative space around your brow, their shape looks bolder.

Skin Savers Facial - $100

Skin Savers is the system for gentle exfoliation and daily care. After showing you how to apply the products (either on my table as an in-studio treatment or virtually), you have a kit to use over the next few weeks to see how your skin likes it.


Once you are on a routine, other services will be available to you. However, after this initial appointment, future appointments are customized to help you meet your skincare goals.

Dermaplaning Facial - $150


Lower Face, Ears, Brow Facial, Superfruit Enzyme, 


After prepping your skin, I use the scalpel to refine its texture and level the corners and lines.

Add-Ons & Extras

Steam - $10

Soften the skin with warm mist.

Cuticle Care - $25

May be added to the Hand Treatment for a gentle push-back to the cuticles and attention to fingertips.

Lower Face - $30

If you want to add to the Brow Facial, I’ll extend the shaving over the end of your nose, lips, chin, neck, and cheeks.

Hand Treatment - $25

Superfruit Enzyme and Deep Thermal Cleanser soften surface debris and lifts it from your skin.

Ears - $25

The perimeter and surface of the lobe and fold are shaved. The inside fold is cleaned and looped to remove any waxy build-up.

Oxygen Treatment - $30

Oxygenation cream and hydrogen peroxide brightens skin, clarifies pores, lightens pigmentation, and sanitizes skin.

Chest - $50

Extend the treatment over your collarbones, to your shoulders, and across your chest.

Consulting & Coaching

I like to have a conversation with you before your appointment and want you to send me a picture of your brows (or zoom call to talk about your skin), so I can plan your visit.


We’ll discuss your paperwork and start your chart.


Home care coaching is available through video consult — I like to see what you do during your evening cleansing. 

When you create a ritual out of cleansing, in the same way, every night, you become efficient. When you have multiple layers of sunscreen and makeup, you need to thoroughly cleanse each evening to soften the debris in the pore.


Love the skin you're in and take charge of its care today.